[Samba] smbd fails to start after upgrade to version 4.11.6

Roy Eastwood spindles7 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 14:25:30 UTC 2020

Hi Louis,
> Hai Roy,
> I had a good look and most look ok, not much exiting going on but still a few points.
> From teh logs.
> Feb  5 08:41:48 pi4b ifup[303]: ifup: couldn't open interfaces file "/etc/network/interfaces": No such file or directory
> So re-create the file with the folling content, : /etc/network/interfaces   And add :
> # This file describes the network interfaces available on your system # and how to activate them. For more information, see
> interfaces(5).
> source /etc/network/interfaces.d/*
> # The loopback network interface
> auto lo
> iface lo inet loopback
> ( these are only the defaults )..
OK, I put /etc/network/interfaces back as it was and disabled systemd-networkd, systemd-timesyncd and system-resolved and
re-instated /etc/resolv.conf
That's got rid of these messages (and the one below re-resolv.conf).

> Feb  5 08:41:48 pi4b systemd-udevd[157]: Process '/usr/sbin/th-cmd --socket /var/run/thd.socket --passfd --udev' failed with exit
> code 1.
> - Possible fix(es) read :  https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=220315
Tried commenting out the RestrictAddressFamilies in systemd-udevd.service file, but to no effect.   This error persists.   Don't
know what else to try.

> systemd[1]: Listening on Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Stack Activation Socket.
> - So make sure nsswitch.conf the mDNS part is at the end of the line.

Is this the hosts line?  Ie put mdns4_minimal at the end of the line?    Did that but no change.

> Feb  5 08:41:48 pi4b systemd-networkd[155]: eth0: Gained carrier Feb  5 08:41:48 pi4b systemd-networkd[155]: eth0: Configured Feb
> 5 08:41:48 pi4b systemd-networkd-wait-online[181]: ignoring: lo
> - Ok, to network configures ok. And i notice Feb  5 08:41:48 pi4b systemd-udevd[178]: link_config: autonegotiation is unset or
> the speed and duplex are not writable.
> - Setting it might speed up the boot process a bit but as shown network works fine.
Is that done by creating a .links file in /etc/network?   Ie set speed & duplex explicitly and disable autonegotiation?
> Failed to open /etc/resolv.conf: Invalid argument  ( typo somewhere? ) Check the content.
> Feb  5 08:41:48 pi4b avahi-daemon[340]: Failed to open /etc/resolv.conf: Invalid argument Feb  5 08:41:48 pi4b avahi-daemon[340]:
> socket() failed: Address family not supported by protocol Need something, i dont know but reduce the resolv.conf to 
> search some.dom.tld 
> nameserver ip_ad_dc1 
> nameserver ip_ad_dc2
> nameserver ip_internet_DNS
Did that, see above.  This error now gone.

> Feb  5 08:41:48 pi4b rpc.svcgssd[320]: unable to obtain root (machine) credentials Feb  5 08:41:48 pi4b rpc.svcgssd[320]: do you
have a
> keytab entry for nfs/<your.host>@<YOUR.REALM> in /etc/krb5.keytab?
> Your missing the nfs SPNs in the keytab file but, i dont know if you use it.
No don't use nfs.
> So above point are or might not  problem related, but i would fix them.
> Why i like clean server boots without errors, it just helps..
> I see HEVC support in the Pi4 thats nice, anyone running kodi on raspbian, if so.. :-) I would like to know the experiance with
> If its good, i'll get myself a pi4 also, since i need to replace my old player with ani915GMA GPU .
> :-)
> Greetz,
> Louis

Thanks for the pointers, as usual!

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