[Samba] Changes to Folder Redirection

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Feb 3 20:43:51 UTC 2020

On 03/02/2020 20:14, Bob Wooden via samba wrote:
> I am having some issues that I believe might be related to folder 
> redirection that has prompted me to review my folder redirection GPO 
> settings.
> On the "Configuring Windows Profile Folder Redirections" page of the 
> Samba WIKI I find an 'information box' that says, /"//Windows does not 
> support dynamically-generated user home folders provided by the Samba 
> [homes] section. If you used this way to provide home folders, set up 
> a group policy preference instead. See _Using a Group Policy 
> Preference_.//"/ I take this info statement to mean that Windows does 
> not create a new user folder and this is why we (admins) should create 
> the new user folders manually on any member servers.
The problem is that you can use [homes], but Windows cannot create the 
required directory on a Linux computer. However, you can get Samba to 
create it for you, as and when they first connect to the share, you use 
'root preexec' and Louis and I wrote a script to use with 'root 
preexec', would you like a copy ?
> When I set my folder redirection up (years ago) I followed the first 
> section "Using Group Policy Folder Redirection".
> Because all my workstations are W10 should I change to use "Using a 
> Group Policy Preference"?
> Is this considered the "newer/better" way to redirect with W10 
> workstations?
> And finally, when using "Using a Group Policy Preference" will Windows 
> then create a new users home directory dynamically?
You can use a GPO, but you still wouldn't get the directory created 


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