[Samba] second dc not working properly

mj lists at merit.unu.edu
Mon Dec 28 11:35:18 UTC 2020

Hi Jason,

I was following this thread with interest, but it seems to have died a 
silent death.

We might be seeing something similar on our samba domain member servers.

We run (automatic) nightly reboots of our DCs, one reboots at 02:00, one 
at 03:00 and the third at 04:00.

On our main (winbind) fileserver we often (but not always) see that at 
one of the above times, for a few minutes, the AD groups are gone.

(I run a script on the member server that verifies the existance of our 
AD groups using "getent group")

We know that at DC-reboot time, the two other DCs are up and running, so 
the reboots should really be little (or even: no) impact on the member 

I was hoping for continued dialogue in this ticket.

Curious if everybody here can actually reboot their DCs (or stop samba 
on them) without any consequence on their domain member servers?

We have three DCs, no problems between them, they have recently been 
examined by sernet with basically no remarks. The DCs run 4.12.8 sernet, 
and the domain member server is still on 4.10.18. (yes, we will upgrade 
that soon)

And, Jason:

On 12/8/20 10:09 PM, Jason Keltz via samba wrote:
> I don't think this can be just my system.  I suspect there's a lot of 
> users out there running multiple DCs with a similar setup to me, 
> believing that it's all working, and maybe, because there hasn't been a 
> failure, everything works great, but who knows what will happen when 
> there's actually a failure.

I think we agree with you there. :-)

Curious to the experience of others...


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