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Anders Östling anders.ostling at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 23:31:00 UTC 2020

We have been using the vfs module recycle for some time, and files are
recycled into the specified directory. The issue is that when a file
is saved in a directory, a zero size version of the file is created in
the Wastebasket folder. Is this by design or have we missed something?
In the example below, a guy received a PDF from me and saved it in a
shared directory at 7.49 AM. Note the file sizes.

ls -l /share2/Dokument/Ledning/IT
-rwxrwx—+ 1 carl domain users 138475 Dec 17 07:49 ‘IT manaual.pdf'

ls -l /share2/Wastebasket/Ledning/IT
-rwxrwx—+ 1 carl domain users 0 Dec 17 07:49 ‘IT manaual.pdf'

The relevant portion of smb.conf for this should be

path = /share2/Dokument
read only = no
recycle:repository = /share2/Wastebasket
recycle:keeptree = yes
recycle:versions = yes
recycle:exclude = *.tmp



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