[Samba] Samba 4 custom ports for DNS in 2020?

Alex Orlov ooo_saturn7 at mail.ru
Thu Dec 17 11:50:08 UTC 2020

>> I don’t see any problems with the ports that Microsoft uses if I add
>> to samba configuration
>> "dns forwarder = x.x.x.x:non_53_port"  instead of "dns forwarder =
>> x.x.x.x", do you?
>Ultimately you are welcome to edit the source if you so choose.
I have another suggestion. You do work on this project. So, it is your interest
to do this project better.  So, please, add this improvement.
I am just a Samba user and not a Samba developer. All I can do is to open an issue.
I wanted to do it, but … didn’t find Samba issue tracking system.
Best regards, Alex Orlov

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