[Samba] Getent doesn't show AD users/groups

Alex Orlov ooo_saturn7 at mail.ru
Tue Dec 15 19:43:32 UTC 2020

> In which case, it would seem you are testing Samba, so stop everything,
>upgrade your distro to Debian 10 and then use Samba from Louis's repo;
>This will get everything up to date, Samba 4.2.14 is just too old, the
>latest version is 4.13.3 (released today)
>Once you have done that, provision Samba again
That is absolutely impossible, because there are a lot of things running on this server
and I don’t want to spend weeks trying to make them work in new distro. Look, here
I have a problem with one program that none can solve and there I have dozens of
Best regards, Alex Orlov

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