[Samba] Permission issue with home directory and groups with deny access

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sat Dec 12 18:22:27 UTC 2020

On 12/12/2020 17:48, doomas at gmx.ch wrote:
> I don't know. The numbers match however with getent output:
> #getent group
> ...
> share_schueler_rw:x:11224:
> nxc_grp_benutzer:x:11161:
> nxc_grp_schueler:x:11162:
> share_benutzer_d:x:11226:
> share_benutzer_r:x:11227:
> share_config_rwx:x:11213:
> share_klassen_rw:x:11234:
> share_lehrer_rwx:x:11181:
> share_schueler_d:x:11222:
> share_schueler_r:x:11223:
> ... 

Ah, I see the problem now, somehow you seem to have added the groups as 
users, now on Windows this wouldn't be a problem because Windows allows 
groups to own things, but Unix normally doesn't. I say normally because 
a Samba AD DC does allow groups to own things (just as long as you do 
not add a gidNumber to the group). I would revisit the point where you 
added the groups to the share (Actually, why did you add the groups?) 
and ensure that they are added as groups and not users.


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