[Samba] samba config for guest users

Pol Hallen polhallen at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 18:15:57 UTC 2020

Hi Rowland, now I understand! :-))) thanks

so it's natural a question: how manage saperates dirs between win users 
in samba /home/share? because I have all different users file in same dir :)



On 12/1/20 9:45 AM, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
> On 30/11/2020 23:50, Pol wrote:
>> that key I modified is not about "guest user" on window machine but 
>> enable/disable access without password on shared folders :)
> If you are modifying a registry key on Windows, you are only affecting 
> what happens on Windows, it will have absolutely no effect on Linux 
> machines.
> The Windows Guest is not the Samba Guest.
> I will go through it again.
> By default, no Windows user is a Samba user on a standalone server, 
> you have to make the Windows user into a Samba user by doing the 
> following:
> Create a Unix user on the Samba standalone server with the same name 
> as the Windows user.
> Make the Unix user into a Samba user by running 'smbpasswd -a 
> username' as root (where 'username' is the Windows/Unix username), you 
> will be prompted for a password, this should the same password as the 
> Windows users.
> At this point the Windows user should be able to connect to a share 
> similar to this:
> [share]
>         path=/home/share
>         read only = no
> Provided that '/home/share' exists and the permissions on it allow the 
> user access.
> Guest access to a share is different, The Windows user must not exist 
> as a Samba user on the Samba standalone server or it can never have 
> guest access. The share must contain the line 'guest ok = yes' and 
> 'global' must contain the line 'map to guest = bad user', at this 
> point any users unknown to Samba will be allowed access to the share 
> provided that the 'o' permissions allow it.
> If all of the above is valid, check if Apparmor/Selinux (depending on 
> distro) is denying access.
> Rowland


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