[Samba] Now online Debian Buster Samba 4.11.12 (amd64/i386/armhf)

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Aug 27 07:33:47 UTC 2020


The latest update is now online for Debian Buster Samba 4.11.12  (amd64/i386/armhf) 

The Changelog, mostly the samba log, last 2 lines are my added changes for the packaging. 
No big changes. 

 samba (2:4.11.12+dfsg-0.1buster1) buster; urgency=medium
    * Non-maintainer upload.
    * New upstream release builded from samba.org sources.
    * Bugfix release, fixes bugzilla bugnummers:
      - BUG 14403: s3: libsmb: Fix SMB2 client rename bug to a Windows server.
      - BUG 14424: dsdb: Allow "password hash userPassword schemes = CryptSHA256"
      to work on RHEL7.
      - BUG 14450: dbcheck: Allow a dangling forward link outside our known NCs.
      - BUG 14426: lib/debug: Set the correct default backend loglevel to
      - BUG 14428: s3:smbd: PANIC: assert failed in get_lease_type().
      - BUG 14370: lib/util: do not install "test_util_paths".
      - BUG 14345: lib:util: Fix smbclient -l basename dir.
      - BUG 14428: s3:smbd: PANIC: assert failed in get_lease_type().
      - BUG 14166: util: Allow symlinks in directory_create_or_exist.
      - BUG 14358: docs: Fix documentation for require_membership_of of
      - BUG 14425: s3:winbind:idmap_ad: Make failure to get attrnames for schema
        mode fatal.

    * removed d/patches/bz14370.patch already included in build.
    * d/samba-common-bin added new tool usr/bin/test_util

Setup info on apt repo : https://apt.van-belle.nl

Have fun with them. 



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