[Samba] accessing foreign AD users to NT domain

Piviul piviul at riminilug.it
Wed Aug 26 12:26:00 UTC 2020

Rowland penny via samba ha scritto il 26/08/20 alle 12:46:
> On 26/08/2020 09:26, Piviul via samba wrote:
>> Rowland penny via samba ha scritto il 25/08/20 alle 18:20:
>>> [...]
>>> Even though your users may have the same username in AD as in the 
>>> NT4-style domain, they are different users, so a few thoughts. You 
>>> have 'map to guest = bad user', so I take it you must have 'guest ok 
>>> = yes' set in the shares (you haven't shown us the shares), 
>> in effect there is no guest ok = yes in shares...
> Then what is this from your 'tuning' share:
> guest ok = yes
you are right I forgot the tuning share... I forgot it because when I 
say you that there is not 'guest ok = yes' in shares I was thinking 
about filesystem shares and the tuning share is a virtual printer... any 
way you are right I've used it in tuning share...

>>> so try changing 'bad user' to 'bad password'. The only other thing I 
>>> can think of at the moment is to remove 'winbind use default domain = 
>>> yes'
>> done, changed "map to guest" to "bad password" but nothing changed...
> Change it back, it isn't your problem>

> You have 'allow trusted domains = No' in 'global' and from 'man smb.conf':
>         allow trusted domains (G)
>             This option only takes effect when the security option is 
> set to
>             server, domain or ads. If it is set to no, then attempts to 
> connect
>             to a resource from a domain or workgroup other than the one 
> which
>             smbd is running in will fail, even if that domain is trusted 
> by the
>             remote server doing the authentication.
ok, I have removed it;

> You also have shares that can only be written to by '@DOMINIOCSA\domain 
> admins'
yes, that's true but I'm connecting to shares that the user can access 
or better to shares that domainNT\user can connect but domainAD\user 
can't like http share in zizi server.


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