[Samba] accessing foreign AD users to NT domain

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Aug 24 14:47:51 UTC 2020


Due some changes somewhere.. Windows/samba, not sure where, 
I had to change something also here. "sometimes" 
a win 10 cant connect (with  passthrough auth ) on my old PDC.
The (old) network drive's stop workin in that case. 

I added simple script to fix it untill my PDC is gone. 

@echo off
net use g: /delete
ping localhost -n 3 >nul
net use g: \\server.fqdn.tld\share /persistent:yes

And i do that for all driverletter having this problem..
So what i did change here. 

This line: 
net use g: \\server.fqdn.tld\share /persistent:yes 
Was : 
net use g: \\server.fqdn.tld\share /persistent:yes /user:NT4DOM\%username% 

I dont know why this is, but it happend offcourse after windows 10 update(s). 




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> Onderwerp: [Samba] accessing foreign AD users to NT domain
> Hi all, I'm planning to migrate a NT domain to a AD domain. Someone 
> suggested me to create a new AD domain, then add manually users to AD 
> with the same username and password of the NT domain and then 
> join every 
> PC to the new AD domain. This way the migration should be flawlessly 
> because in a windows network a user can works on foreign resources 
> (resources that are shared from server joined to other domains) if he 
> shares same username and password. On my network that's 
> doesn't seems to 
> works.
> I have a samba3 (4.1.17-Debian) NT domain, I have a new AD domain 
> (4.10.4) and I have a user in AD domain with the same 
> credentials in the 
> NT domain. I have joined a  windows PC to the AD domain and when the 
> user logon to the PC he can successfully works on all pc/server 
> _windows_ shares joined to NT domain but can't on _samba_ 
> shares joined 
> to the NT domain.
> Please can someone help me to troubleshoot the problem?
> Thank you very much
> Piviul
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