[Samba] Question About wbinfo/getent in Samba AD environment

Chuck Fletcher chuck.fletcher at faurebros.com
Sat Aug 15 03:54:38 UTC 2020

    I have a Samba AD environment set up.  I have one DC, three Samba Member servers and a few Windows member servers.

    All Samba servers are on 4.7.6 and have the option “winbind use default domain = yes” in the respective smb.conf files.

    My issue, on the member servers, “getent passwd” or “wbinfo -u” returns a list of domain users without the DOMAIN\ prefix, however, on the Samba AD DC server, both getent and wbinfo return the list of users with the DOMAIN\ prefix.  How can I get rid of the DOMAIN\ prefix on the Samba AD DC?

    I can log into all unix servers with the Samba AD credentials without requiring the DOMAIN\ prefix.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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