[Samba] TDB database commands (TDB used by SAMBA)

Suporte - KONNTROL suporte at konntrol.com.br
Fri Aug 14 23:33:33 UTC 2020

Background:  FREEBSD 11.2 - SAMBA 4.10.15

Hello everyone,
Good evening/afternoon/morning.

I am trying to "reuse" the TDB database to my portal, where I want to store
basically 3 information:

IP address , Name, TimeStamp - where IP would be the KEY and
"NAME,TIMESTAMP" would be the VALUE.

I am using the tdbtool to insert/store data successfully (like the example

tdbtool myfile.tdb store "key1" "value1,value2,value3,value4"

The problem is when I want to READ the information back. It brings
hexadecimal code in a strange format. (see below)

tdbtool myfile.tdb show "key1"

key 4 bytes
data 27 bytes
[000] 76 61 6C 75 65 31 2C 76  61 6C 75 65 32 2C 76 61  value1,v alue2,va
[010] 6C 75 65 33 2C 76 61 6C  75 65 34                 lue3,val ue4

Is there any command format/syntax to change that? Unfortunately I didn't
find ANY documentation about it, so knowing it's part of SAMBA, I am
wondering if someone could help me on that.

Thanks in Advance!

Kind Regards,

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