[Samba] Recurring Error: The specified network name is no longer available

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Aug 14 13:49:48 UTC 2020

On 14/08/2020 14:35, Gerard Owusu wrote:
> To answer you questions:
> Win 10 to Samba, but what OS is Samba running on ?
> Samba is running on a Centos 7 Server - UNIX
It should work then
> Can you connect from explorer to the 'Anonymous' share ?
> I cannot connect. It gave me the error in the screenshot I sent you.

No, you said the error occurred when you tried to 'map' the share, that 
isn't quite the same.

Can you open 'Explorer' on windows and browse to the share, or can you 
type \\ip_of_samba_server\Anobymous into the top bar and connect ?

> Have you created any Samba users on the Samba server ?
> I have not created any user apart from 'root' of which I setup a 
> password for using the samba command.
Well delete that one, 'root' should not be a Samba user.

With 'map to guest = bad user', no Samba users and this share:

         comment = anonymous file share
         path = /samba/anonymous_shared_directory
         guest ok = yes
         guest only = yes
         read only = no

You should be able to connect to 'Anonymous' from any computer in the 
network, with any user.

If you cannot connect, try disabling selinux and see if that helps.


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