[Samba] Recurring Error: The specified network name is no longer available

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Aug 14 13:18:58 UTC 2020

On 14/08/2020 14:08, Gerard Owusu wrote:
> Hello again,
> So I made an overall change to the config and removed the sambashare 
> entirely.
> I just want to have a basic connection before any further modification.
Fair enough, lets just get something straight, you are connecting from 
Win 10 to Samba, but what OS is Samba running on ?

Can you connect from explorer to the 'Anonymous' share ?

Have you created any Samba users on the Samba server ?

You shouldn't have to turn on SMBv1 on your Win 10 machine, but we will 
come to that once the basic connection is up and running ;-)


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