[Samba] Samba DNS fails when queried with nslookup commands

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Aug 13 09:45:48 UTC 2020

On 13/08/2020 10:30, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
> Hai Rowland,
>> Hi Louis, cannot argue with anything you posted, but I am a
>> minimalist, why run something that isn't strictly needed or
>> add default settings to a conf file ?
> Same here, im a minimalist also with the installs.
> But based on my experience, i try to keep system defaults at
> much in place as they are and use that to the best.
> Why? Way less problems when you have upgrades and dist upgrades.
> This is why i keep things as much as is.
> (and if needed adjsut after the base is set)
> Its not questioning you or what you said..
> (maybe i should have added this in the previous mail) :-/
>> In my opinion (for what it's worth), the only thing running,
> Now this.. , please remind yourself, i alway highly appreciate your opinions.
> Pointing to : (for what it's worth) ...
> Even if we have a (small) mismatch in our views, never ever question that again please.
> Really.. Dont..  This is just because we have a different and overlapping skill set.
> Which is great in my opinion. We fill one other where needed.
>> dns wise, on a DC, should be the DC or Bind9, depending on which is the dns
>> server. running anything else is just more to debug if there is an error.
> I can't argue that, but in every system setup what i do,
> I use the default first, make everything work as it should
> Then adjust it, it saves a lot of problems and makes problems better to backtrack.
> I know im bad in writing these "kindly ment" emails, and people often see them as not kindly,
>   :-( happens here in the office also, one of my "must improve" points .. I know.
> Sorry if i heard your feelings or made you think im questioning you.
> Because i am not..

No, you have never hurt my feelings and I was just trying to point out 
the differences between our methods :D

You use as many defaults as possible, whilst I rip out anything that 
duplicates actions, I suppose it comes from my mechanical background. 
There is nothing wrong with either method, both will work.


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