[Samba] Samba DNS fails when queried with nslookup commands

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Aug 13 09:30:10 UTC 2020

Hai Rowland,  

> Hi Louis, cannot argue with anything you posted, but I am a 
> minimalist, why run something that isn't strictly needed or
> add default settings to a conf file ?

Same here, im a minimalist also with the installs. 
But based on my experience, i try to keep system defaults at 
much in place as they are and use that to the best. 

Why? Way less problems when you have upgrades and dist upgrades.
This is why i keep things as much as is. 
(and if needed adjsut after the base is set)

Its not questioning you or what you said..
(maybe i should have added this in the previous mail) :-/ 

> In my opinion (for what it's worth), the only thing running, 

Now this.. , please remind yourself, i alway highly appreciate your opinions. 
Pointing to : (for what it's worth) ... 

Even if we have a (small) mismatch in our views, never ever question that again please. 
Really.. Dont..  This is just because we have a different and overlapping skill set. 
Which is great in my opinion. We fill one other where needed. 

> dns wise, on a DC, should be the DC or Bind9, depending on which is the dns 
> server. running anything else is just more to debug if there is an error.

I can't argue that, but in every system setup what i do, 
I use the default first, make everything work as it should 
Then adjust it, it saves a lot of problems and makes problems better to backtrack. 

I know im bad in writing these "kindly ment" emails, and people often see them as not kindly,
 :-( happens here in the office also, one of my "must improve" points .. I know.

Sorry if i heard your feelings or made you think im questioning you. 
Because i am not..  



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