[Samba] Using SSSD + AD with Samba seems to require Winbind be running

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Aug 12 13:45:23 UTC 2020

> On 8/12/20 9:11 AM, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
> > What i dont get/understand ..
> > 
> > Why ? Why such setup.
> > Can TP explain this?
> > 
> > Just trying to understand you idea why setup like this..
> > There must be a reason?
> > 
> SSSD provides features that Samba probably will not, like GPO login enforcement, 
If its a setting like that, sure you can enforce it (for windows). 

For linux, well, there is no GPO for linux.. but what would or are you doing / need here? 
Still trying to understand this more. 

> and some it doesn't do yet like automatically define private groups 
> (groups with the same name of the user, I filled a bug for this one)

Why in earth would you do that. This makes you maintainenace only more complex. 
And, in my personal opinion more prone to errors. 

> There are meny others but my intention is not to advertice 
> SSSD but help 
> people that need to use it by company policy or by needed features.

Thanks for you replies. 
It might help me understand better why people use/want to use SSSD.

So far, 



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