[Samba] Cannot contact any KDC for realm

Alfonso Conner c1581634 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 01:28:19 UTC 2020

Hello Samba Community,

I would like to seek advice as my Samba AD tends to consume high memory
usage caused by KDC service.
This issue will always come back within a couple of days after I restart
samba-ad-dc service.
It does not help by increasing memory.

>From message log:
kernel: Out of memory: Kill process 14527 (samba) score 873 or sacrifice

Identified pid 14527 belongs to kdc_server:
kdc_server             14527

Samba installed version: 4.9.11 (dns backend using Samba_Internal)

Configured memory:
Mem: 6GB
Swap: 4GB

Appreciate any advice provided.
Thank you.


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