[Samba] Restore fails on new server

Peter Pollock peter.pollock at kingschristian.org
Sat Aug 8 20:27:43 UTC 2020

I had to replace a server. Backed up the entire system using Clonezilla,
created the partitions on the new server exactly as they were (hardware is
identical) and then restored the backup onto the new server.

On attempting to boot, I get a couple of ACPI errors and then an error
connecting to a data drive that holds no system files and then Ubuntu
panics and puts me into a recovery mode with no networking or dns..

Any ideas where I can even start looking for what's going on?

The only red lines in journalctl are about the acpi errors and not being
able to mount the drive which previously held the user data.

The hardware is identical, I know the backup is good because I've restored
it to the original server before and it was fine - and that's what confuses
me. I restore onto one box and it works perfectly, I restore onto another,
identical, box and it fails.

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