[Samba] User mapping?

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Fri Aug 7 22:12:28 UTC 2020

Rpvs> On 07/08/2020 21:57, Simon Matthews wrote:

>> Yes, but I have limited resources for IT and the upgrade to AD is
>> somewhat intrusive to the network (I am thinking of the impact to DNS).

Rpvs> I understand, but I would put it on your to do list. Sooner or later, 
Rpvs> one of two things will happen, Microsoft will break NT4-style domains 
Rpvs> again, but not fix them this time, or Samba will totally remove SMBv1 
Rpvs> and this will mean the end of nt4-style domains, you need SMBv1 for an
Rpvs> NT4-style domain.

Rpvs> Rowland

While less than ideal, sometimes having things break is simply the only way to impress on management that something needs attention. It's amazing how often management will starve IT for resources, yet when paychecks (or senior executive bonuses) can't go out because the server is broken, how quickly those resources get allocated. :)

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