[Samba] User mapping?

Simon Matthews simon.matthews at bluepearlsoftware.com
Fri Aug 7 18:46:11 UTC 2020

I have a network with a Samba server (Samba 4, but running as an old
NT-style domain), Windows and Linux clients.

The Windows clients need to be able to read and write to filesystems on
the Linux client. Also, other Linux machines need to write (via NFS) to
the same directories on the Linux client as the Windows clients.

This was all working with with a Linux client running (I am ashamed to
say) CentOS 5. However, after updating the Linux client to CentOS7,
things don't seem to work the way they used to. Note that, in the CentOS
world, "update to CentOS 7" means a complete re-install. So I have a new
CentOS 7 client which has the same name as the old CentOS 5 client.

In order to get smb working, I had to change "security = server" to
"security = domain", install winbind and I then attempted to join the
Linux client to the domain. I am not sure if the join actually worked.

What I see now is that files created by the Windows clients on the Linux
client show that they owned by: "<DOMAIN>\user", with an associated UID
that has a very high number. This presents problems with permissions,
since the same files and directories need to be accessed from both Linux
NFS clients and Windows SMB clients using the same username ("user").

Is there any way to have the Windows client access map to just "user",
with its Linux UID? What should I expect with a machine that is joined
to a domain -- or is the problem that the Linux client is not actually
joined to the domain? If so, how do I fix this?


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