[Samba] Statically build smbd and smbstatus

Gagandeep Singh Panesar gagandeep209 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 03:07:53 UTC 2020

Hi Team,

While building smbd and smbstatus statically I am getting below error
(using make).

*ERROR: source source3/smbd/notify_msg.c is in more than one subsystem of
target 'smbstatus': ['smbd_base.objlist', 'smbstatus.objlist']*

*Environment Details:*
Machine: Ubuntu 18.04
Samba Version: 4.11.6

*My Makefile excerpt:*

./configure --with-logfilebase=/var/log \
--disable-rpath --prefix=/opt/r1soft/r1samba --disable-python
--without-ad-dc \
--without-json --disable-cups  --without-libarchive --without-acl-support \
--without-ldap  --without-ads --without-pam --bundled-libraries=cmocka \
--with-static-modules=NONE --builtin-libraries=NONE \
* --nonshared-binary=smbd/smbd,smbcontrol,smbpasswd,smbstatus; \*

cd $(SMB_PATH) && make $@/$@

cd $(SMB_PATH) && make $@

cd $(SMB_PATH) && make $@

cd $(SMB_PATH) && make $@

Basically, I need above 4 binaries for my use.

*Thanks & Regards,*

*Gagandeep Singh Panesar*

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