[Samba] dreplsrv memory

MORILLO Jordi j.morillo at educationetformation.fr
Thu Apr 30 08:03:10 UTC 2020

Hi !
Since few months, dreplsrv is eating lots of memory in few days. Within 2 weeks, the process is generaly OOM killed and replication become weired. I need to restart samba-ad-dc.
Here is my config :

-          Samba 4.11.6 / 4 vcpu / 2Go  Ram

-          10215 objects (ldbs file = 300MB)
This memory problem only happen on my headbridge DC (star topolgy with 20 DC)
If I add some ram, the problem occures later but is the same (dreplsrv is eating more memory and swap)

Since few week, one of my DC is offline and this memory problem get worse. I need to restart samba service every week.
Exemple :
My headbridge DC was restarted 3 days ago and, at start, total ram usage was 600MB.
One day later, it became to swap.
Now, today, my swap pretty full (624M/1024M)
On htop :
Samba : task[drepl] pre-fork master -> VIRT = 1789M / RES = 907M / MEM%=50
I will be forcer to restart samba-ad-dc in few days, in order to release RAM usage

Can you help me to troubleshoot is problem ?
Thank you so much
Best regards

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