[Samba] steps to get automatic home folder created at user logon windows 10 with samba 4.9.5-Debian

miguel medalha medalist at sapo.pt
Thu Apr 30 00:01:20 UTC 2020

> I got Folder Redirection on as well but I want to redirect to the users 
> homeDirectory and for that this directory needs to be automatic created.

Why do you insist on the idea of "home folder"? A Windows user profile folder is in some way  a home folder... Do you also need to serve Linux/Unix/other users?

> I got my profile and users share on my samba fileserver and not addc.

I also use a fileserver for that, not the AD DC.



Shouldn't this be =\\%HOMESHARE%\%HOMEPATH% (missing backslash between variables)?

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