[Samba] Questions about reverse zone

Miguel Angel Coa M. miguelcoam at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 14:58:47 UTC 2020

Hi Guys,
I've two DC (Zentyal Samba 4.7.6) and put new DC (Centos 7, Samba
4.7.6) with additional domain controller and works fine. My question is
about reverse zone. The original DC (zentyal1 and zentyal2) have a reverse
root at zentyal1:/etc/bind# dig +noall +answer -x 259200 IN PTR zentyal1.example.com.

root at zentyal1:/etc/bind# dig +noall +answer -x 259200 IN PTR zentyal2.example.com.
root at zentyal2:/etc/bind#

But the new server not have reverse registre

root at zentyal1:/etc/bind# dig +noall +answer -x

I try checks revrse zone but this not exist

root at zentyal1:/etc/bind# samba-tool dns query zentyal1
250.13.10.in-addr.arpa @ ALL -U administrator
Password for [EXAMPLE\administrator]:
ERROR(runtime): uncaught exception - (9714,

I have two questions:
1. ¿is necesary create this zone and put the new DC inside?
2. From RSAT and DNS administration the domain not have reverse zone . So,
¿where does this info come from?


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