[Samba] pad length mismatch error message

von Obernitz, Daniel daniel.vonobernitz at uni-greifswald.de
Thu Apr 23 10:28:54 UTC 2020

Hi Andrew,

> Once you work out what client is changing this, then send me a network
> capture and matching Samba log (use "debug hires timestamp = Yes", "log
> level = 4") and I'll add it to my backlog to look into.

I think I was able to identify and reproduce the occurrence of the error message:

1. You have a new Windows 10 client
2. The computer MUST NOT be in the computer list in the AC-DC
3. You join the Windows client to the domain and reboot
4. About when the login screen appears on the Windows client, the error message pops up.

If the computer is already listed in the AD-DC, you can remove and rejoin the Windows Client as much as you want without the error.
And if the computer object is new, it also only happens I would say 4 out of 5 times.

I was able to record the logs with your suggested loglevel and a corresponding tcpdump. I will send it to you separately, maybe it helps.

Since everything else is working fine (join, login etc) this is definitely not a critical issue IMHO.

Thanks so far and best regards
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