[Samba] pad length mismatch error message

von Obernitz, Daniel daniel.vonobernitz at uni-greifswald.de
Thu Apr 23 07:55:55 UTC 2020

Hi Andrew,

> Thanks for reporting this. Firstly, don't worry about 'attr' packages
> or how Bind9 or DNS is configured etc, this is an error in our core RPC
> server, and not something that is able to be configured (neither at
> build nor runtime).
> A client, and we don't include enough information in the message as to
> which, so you will need to turn up the log level, is sending an RPC
> packet that we don't like the end of.  
> In particular, we expected 44 bytes of authentication trailer (the
> authentication data in RPC is not in a header, but a trailer at the end
> of the packet), probably enough to contain the signature for the
> packet, but the client sent nothing. 
> We need to work out why that was, and if it matters.  

Thanks for the clarification and explanation what's causing this in general.
I will keep monitoring and looking for the client to replicate it.

> Once you work out what client is changing this, then send me a network
> capture and matching Samba log (use "debug hires timestamp = Yes", "log
> level = 4") and I'll add it to my backlog to look into.  If you are
> able to trigger it on demand, and have time, please do confirm if this
> is Samba 4.12 regression by trying Samba 4.11.

We have updated to Samba 4.12. last friday and I checked the old logs before that.
The error message also appeared with Samba 4.11, which we had before.

Best regards
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