[Samba] Error when removing client from domain

von Obernitz, Daniel daniel.vonobernitz at uni-greifswald.de
Wed Apr 22 14:31:49 UTC 2020


> > The error message itself makes sense, the computer object 
> > does not have write access to the ldap (and I think should 
> > never have), but the administrator should have them.
> No it has no rights on it's own computer object in the AD. 
> And they should have that. 
> Try joining an other computer and verify the settings. 

I just did a test with a new computer by adding and removing it and the error message does not appear. So it seems to be a special issue with my previous tested client. I will look further into it...SELF permissions are set and they look the same on both clients, but I have another idea.. I'll come back to you if I can reproduce it better.

> > We are still testing, so I'm still using the administrator 
> > account for adding and removing Windows clients to the domain.
> Because that you most probley have problems. 

No, luckily there is no general problem :)
The AC DC is working fine and we are currently planning and creating all administrative roles to finally get live with it..

Best regards
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