[Samba] Status of Windows Search Protocol support in Samba?

Mark Rousell mark.rousell at signal100.com
Sun Apr 19 09:49:55 UTC 2020

On 19/04/2020 10:25, Ralph Boehme via samba wrote:
> Am 4/17/20 um 5:55 PM schrieb Mark Rousell via samba:
>> I've been trying to Google this but have not found any definitive
>> answers. Does Samba currently support Windows Search Protocol[1]?
> short answer: no.
> Last time I talked to Noel this is still a multi-weeks effort (iirc)
> getting it finished, polished and integrated into master.
> -slow


Thank you very much. I appreciate the response.

Yes, I can imagine that integrating this is a non-trivial effort.

Oddly enough, perhaps, I'd have thought that one of the hardest parts
would be interfacing with a host's index/search tool and figuring out
how to degrade sensibly if there is no compatible tool.

On Linux operating systems (and perhaps BSD too, not sure), Tracker,
Baloo, Nepomuk (on old installations), Beagle (on yet older
installations), or Recoll might need to be interface targets. Presumably
Spotlight on Mac allows querying by API but I know nothing of it. And
Windows Search on Windows does allow querying by multiple APIs but, in
practice, would be the lowest priority to act as a server where WSP over
Samba is concerned.

I feel I should be contributing to getting this done but my C skills are
extremely limited.

Mark Rousell

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