[Samba] CTDB and locking issues reloaded

Giuseppe Lo Presti Giuseppe.LoPresti at cern.ch
Thu Apr 16 15:45:24 UTC 2020

On 16/04/2020 11:12, Ralph Boehme via samba wrote:
> Am 4/16/20 um 10:42 AM schrieb Giuseppe Lo Presti:
>> the other locking settings? In particular:
>>    posix locking = no
>>    strict locking = no
>>    oplocks = no
>>    level2 oplocks = no
>>    kernel oplocks = no
> that depends on your use case. If you sharing SMB only there's probably
> no need to enable posix locking or kernel oplcks, but you should not
> change the other options from their default values unless you know what
> your're doing.

Actually the filesystem is also shared via FUSE mounts on Linux clients.

My understanding so far was that posix and strict locking set to yes 
would cause an unnecessary performance impact, whereas other options 
were tried in the context of this troubleshooting. Will revert them to 
their default.

And to close on this thread, I'd suggest to document the vfs objects 
parameter in the CTDB documentation, as it's a pretty unintuitive one to 
find out when configuring a samba cluster.

Thanks a lot,


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