[Samba] samba 4.12 build on hp-ux unsupported system calls

Kumar, Arjit (SSTO) arjit.kumar at hpe.com
Wed Apr 8 09:58:26 UTC 2020

Hi Team,

We are having compile/linking time warning due unsatisfied system calls and macros.
We have checked and confirm that these are not supported by hp-ux kernel and enabling them will require changes in VFS layer and physical filesystem.

Unsatisfied system calls

*        renameat

*        symlinkat

*        linkat

*        unlinkat

*        readlinkat

*        mkdirat

Undefined MACRO's


*        AT_FDCWD

These system calls have been added newly in samba 4.12.

Please provide workaround/patch to use older syscalls like mkdir,readlink,unlink etc within samba 4.12.


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