[Samba] Any advice for installing Samba as an AD server on Raspbian Buster with BIND9 and ISC DHCP?

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Apr 6 18:12:45 UTC 2020

On 06/04/2020 19:53, Rick Hollinbeck wrote:
> My dhcpcd.conf specifies a fixed ip for eth0, but I don't really know how well it will play with
> bind9 and samba.
> I think I'll take your advice here.
I understand why Raspbian uses dhcpcd, it makes it easier for them, but 
I see no good reason to use it on something that should have a fixed 
> I'm also worried the resolv.conf is getting rewritten and I think I'll
> want to edit that one manually as well for bind9 and samba, correct?
The best way would be to find whatever is rewriting /etc/resolv.conf 
(dnsmasq ?) and stop it.
>>> (The Samba wiki seems out of date.)
>> Can you point to examples of 'out-of-dateness' ??
>> If there are any, I will update them.
> If I remember right from the last time I set up Samba (a few months ago) some of the folder
> locations didn't reflect the newer locations that Samba now uses to simplify file premissions
> for the bind9 user account, but this might be fixed now.
Good point, I will check ;-)
> (BTW, https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Setting_up_a_BIND_DNS_Server refers to this user
> as both 'bind' and 'named'. I think named is the one I saw bind9 using when installed.)

Problem is, both names are valid, the red-hat distros use 'named' and 
Debian distros use 'bind', but I will see if I can make this easier to 
understand ;-)

Thanks for pointing these out.

> I'll try to note specific things in the wiki that seem out of date or confusing as I proceed and
> let you know.
Thanks, but please be aware that we try to be distro neutral.
> Louis's how-to really helped me out when I installed samba on Ubuntu.
> I'll try to write up my own notes for Raspbian as I go...
> These are the packages Louis installs on Ubuntu - are they best for Raspbian, also?
> # The Samba 4.11 package for Raspbian on Louis's site....
> apt install samba winbind krb5-user
> #(optional must often used so install it. )
> apt install libnss-winbind  libpam-winbind
> #for the time sync in samba we need ntp or chrony.
> #Prepare time ( I preffer ntp.)
> apt install ntp
> #Prepare DNS ( I preffer bind9 )
> apt install bind9
> # and add some tools you might need.
> apt install binutils ldb-tools smbclient
> apt install libpam-krb5
> Anything missing here?
acl & attr ?


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