[Samba] FMSO transfer gone wrong

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sun Apr 5 17:54:38 UTC 2020

On 05/04/2020 18:47, Arne Zachlod via samba wrote:
> On 4/5/20 7:14 PM, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
>> On 05/04/2020 17:47, Arne Zachlod via samba wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'm currently in the process of updating our Samba environment from 
>>> 4.3 to 4.11. Looks like I did something wrong. Some pointers would 
>>> be much appreciated.
>>> Since I wanted to migrate from Ubuntu to Debian anyway, I decided to 
>>> not upgrade in place, but instead create new VMs, join them and then 
>>> remove the old 4.3 ones. Everything went well until I also wanted to 
>>> transfer FSMO roles to a new VM.
>>> Since 'samba-tool fsmo transfer --role=all' didn't work, I decided 
>>> to use seize instead. There was no error output other than the 
>>> expected error that the transfer didn't work and I shut the old FSMO 
>>> master DC down.
>>> So, now nothing really works as expected: the other DCs didn't get 
>>> the memo to change to the new FSMO master DC and I cant find any 
>>> documentation on how to change that by hand.
>>> Also, drs showrepl request take forever to finish on the now 
>>> disconnected DCs while they just timeout on the FSMO master.
>> Hmm, 4.3.x to 4.11.0, are smbd & winbind running, or is just samba 
>> running ?
> Samba, winbind and smbd are all running.
>> Your new DC could be re-indexing, if so just wait.
> How can I verify this? The Domain isn't very big, sub 100 PCs and 
> roughly the same amount of users, so I expect it shouldn't take very 
> long.
> Arne
run 'ps ax' in a terminal on the DC, if you can only see 'samba' as a 
running process (no smbd and winbind processes), then it is re-indexing. 
Yes, it should be quick, but something went wrong the first time I tried 
it and it took sometime.


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