[Samba] Samba 4.12 python3 and vfs object full_audit (centos7)

Denis CARDON dcardon at tranquil.it
Fri Apr 3 11:19:47 UTC 2020

Hi Peter,
> I´m using samba 4.11 from sernet and the vfs object full_audit.
> After update samba to 4.12 from sernet full_audit is broken and the shares with full_audit are not accessible.
> Can anyone tell me please how to install python 3 on centos7 while the Centos system needs python 2 but samba sould use python3?

Python3 is available in the latest release of Redhat7/CentOS7 (I think 
starting from version 7.7). So you just have to upgrade to have support 
for Python3. The two version Python2 and Python3 can live side by side 
without any problem.

I think all the necessary Python3 packages are available in either base 
CentOS7 or EPEL except for pygpgme which is only python2 by default and 
has to be rebuilt.

You'll also need more up to date gnutls/nettle version. You may take a 
look at my srcrpm https://samba.tranquil.it/centos7/samba-4.12.0-srcrpm/



> Thanks in advance,
> Peter

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