[Samba] MS Azure password Sync failing silently

gabben gabbenx at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 00:48:51 UTC 2019


I previously was successfully syncing AD passwords with Microsoft Office 365 cloud service (Azure). The sync process started failing roughly around the time that I demoted and removed our last W2K8 R2 DC. 

I’m not seeing any errors in the Event logs on the (non-DC) Windows server host that runs the sync program, and all user data syncs except passwords (which is entirely the purpose of the sync service)!

My sync service has been pointing at a Samba DC for months, but I’m suspicious that it was replicating passwords from the W2K8 R2 partner.

I’m suspicious that Samba AD doesn’t implement some feature that allows the sync service to sync passwords. 

Is anyone else on the list successfully syncing passwords from a pure Samba AD domain to Azure/Office 365 cloud?



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