[Samba] Printer with driver from Samba prints only b/w

Jakob Lenfers lenfers at bigsss-bremen.de
Mon Sep 9 05:45:10 UTC 2019

Am 04.09.19 um 09:23 schrieb Jakob Lenfers via samba:

> I installed it in CUPS with a raw queue and exported it via samba. Added
> a driver (HP Universal Printing PS) as described in the wiki with the
> windows print management. Set some sensible default options like duplex
> (but in later tests also just left everything on default) and installed
> the printer on a fresh test client. As mentioned above, it only prints
> b/w. If I install/use the same driver version ( and
> install the printer directly via IP, the same client prints in color.

I finally found a workaround, downgrading the driver to 5.9.0
( did the trick for me.

It still feels like a problem between the driver and samba, but I don't
have a windows server to make sure.


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