[Samba] Printer with driver from Samba prints only b/w

Jakob Lenfers lenfers at bigsss-bremen.de
Wed Sep 4 07:23:34 UTC 2019


sorry if this is off topic, but it only happens when samba is involved,
maybe anybody here has an idea.

System info:
- Clients used were Win10, ranging from 1803 to 1903.
- The DCs are running Samba 4.7.6.
- The print server is a member server. I tried both scenarios with two
samba print servers, Ubuntu 18.04, Cups 2.7. One had Ubuntus Samba,
4.7.6. The other used Louis van Belles 4.10.7.
- The print servers run fine with other printers

We got a new (used) printer, a HP CP 4525. I'm experiencing two distinct
problems with it: The windows clients can only print b/w.

I installed it in CUPS with a raw queue and exported it via samba. Added
a driver (HP Universal Printing PS) as described in the wiki with the
windows print management. Set some sensible default options like duplex
(but in later tests also just left everything on default) and installed
the printer on a fresh test client. As mentioned above, it only prints
b/w. If I install/use the same driver version ( and
install the printer directly via IP, the same client prints in color.

When I setup the samba printer on my Linux machine with CUPS, it prints
fine in color. So it seems to be a windows problem, but only if the
driver comes through samba.

Second problem feels even more like a windows problem: Before using the
HP universal printer driver, I tried the fitting driver for the CP 4525
from HPs homepage. Added the driver with the print management. Assigned
it to the new printer, clicking no when asked to look for a driver.
After assigning the driver, i try to open the printer properties again
and then the print management crashes without any notice, the window
just disappears. Reproduced on both print servers with various windows
10 client versions.

I have the feeling if I could solve only one of those problems I would
be happy :) I've been at this for two weeks now. :(

Thanks in advance,

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