[Samba] 4.9.12 operation unavailable without authentication

Mike Ray mray at xes-inc.com
Tue Sep 3 18:30:17 UTC 2019

> I do hope that 'cluster' == 'domain' ;-)

I was just trying to convey that I have multiple DCs running. But as they are not in a cluster like a SQL cluster, it was a poor choice of words.

> I have always used authentication, so I am unsure when it became
> obligatory (if it wasn't from the start).
> The way to use it is:
> samba-tool ldapcmp ldap://dc1 ldap://dc2 -U Administrator
> --password=<PASSWORD>
> Or as root:
> kinit Administrator
> samba-tool ldapcmp ldap://dc1 ldap://dc2 -k

I had previously been accessing the DCs directly, without "ldap://" (i.e. samba-tool ldapcmp dc1 dc2). I do not know if that was incorrect and I just got lucky or if there was a change that now requires ldap:// -- in any case, it appears to be working now.


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