[Samba] Subject=Re: Subject=Re: Mac Clients Disconnect with: source3/smbd/service.c:1050(close_cnum) closed connection to service data

Louis Waweru law2175 at columbia.edu
Thu Oct 31 03:36:55 UTC 2019

Thank you for pointing that out, torch!

And thanks for the update, Rowland.

I'm trying both versions out on different servers.

As an update, an Ask Different user suggested I use Wireshark to get more
information on what was going on and learned the error

Here's what the exchange looks like when the share is dropped:

And here is the full history of the issue:

Thanks for all your work on the Samba project. It's been an incredibly
huge, key component of our department for many years. This has been made
incredibly clear now that we're not getting along so well.

All the best,

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