[Samba] Windows Drive Mapping Using Other Credentials & w/Persistence Fails on Reboot But Manually Mapping Works

Funk, Gregory M CTR DHA J-3 (USA) gregory.m.funk.ctr at mail.mil
Fri Oct 25 16:49:08 UTC 2019

Samba Experts,

Has anyone ever seen/experienced an issue where a Windows client has a drive mapped with credentials, other than the credentials used to login to the Windows client, to a Samba share with the persistent option selected but after a restart of the Windows client the drive mapping fails.  

Therefore, if the drive had been mapped with the credentials of the user logged in to the Windows client the drive would successfully persist after reboots of the Windows client but since the drive was mapped with different credentials the drive mapping fails.  

Post-restart we are able to manually re-map the drive with the appropriate credentials and the drive maps successfully.  The Samba logs show that Windows passed the Windows client's logged on username so this appears to be a Windows-related problem but so far there is no documentation to be located that indicates others have experienced this problem, nor a fix action, so I am reaching out to the Community.

Thank for your time and expertise.

Greg Funk

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