Timothy Brewer timothy.brewer at wyo.gov
Thu Oct 24 19:20:16 UTC 2019

Apologies, Rowland, for the long silence - I had to make sure I could
reproduce a working system, at least to this point, so I rebuilt the system
several times. Samba still works, yay!
Thank you for the tips!

At some point during the build, realm list reports two realms. One has
winbind for the client, one has sssd for the client. Note that I disabled
SSSD *before* binding. SSH seems to stop working after the second realm
pops, but I haven't confirmed this. Net ads testjoin works, but only
*after* the second realm pops, I think.

Getent passwd <username> returns nothing.

My nsswitch has:
passwd:     files winbind
group:      files winbind

I'm now going to install the packages you mentioned below.


> >
> Does 'getent passwd username' return a users info ?
> Do the passwd & group lines in /etc/nsswitch.conf look similar to these:
> passwd compat winbind
> group compat winbind
> Do you have libpam-krb5, libpam-winbind and libnss-winbind (or your OS's
> version of them) installed ?
> Rowland

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