[Samba] Detect version of smb being employed

Christopher Cox chriscox at endlessnow.com
Mon Oct 14 17:16:17 UTC 2019

On 10/14/19 12:00 PM, Roy Eastwood via samba wrote:
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>> On Mon, 14 Oct 2019 13:47:34 +0100, Rowland penny via samba stated:
>>> On 14/10/2019 13:27, Gerard Seibert via samba wrote:
>>>> FreeBSD 12
>>>> Samba 4.8.12
>>>> Samba is not showing up on my Win 10 PRO machine. I can access the
>>>> shares if I use the machines hostname or IP, though. How can I
>>>> determine what version of �smb� is being used? I have set �client max
>>>> protocol = SMB3� in the config file; however, I am not sure if it is
>>>> being used.
>>> Hmm, so you set 'client max protocol' to SMB3 which means SMB3_11 and
>>> this is the default, so you haven't really set anything ;-)
>>> Your problem is the lack of SMBv1, you must have this for network
>>> browsing, Samba stopped using SMBv1 when 4.5.0 was released and
>>> Windows has also turned it off on Win10, though you can still turn it
>>> back on again on both.
>> So, if I am undertanding you correctly, Samba shares will never show
>> automatically in Win 10's "Network" unless I manually enter the URL or
>> share name. Is that correct?
> Windows now use the Function Discovery Provider Host and Function Discovery Resource Publication Services to find hosts on the network.   You can add wsdd to the samba server to provide the Web Service Discovery service.   See here: https://github.com/christgau/wsdd.git . Works very well.

While wsdd works well, it too has to be enabled on the Windows 10 side 
AFAIK (or it just for serving?).  Anyway, just weird that Microsoft 
created "an alternative" back in the Windows 8 days, but not really 

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