[Samba] Failed when join to an existing Active Directory Domain

Igor Sousa igorvolt at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 19:11:32 UTC 2019

The master DC runs on Debian 7 and samba 4.1.10. I know this is bad because
both versions are too old, but I'm trying to resolve it with upgrade my
secondaries DC's. The DC that has failed to join this domain runs on
CentOS7, kernel release 3.10.0-1062.1.2.el7.x86_64, and samba 4.10.2.

I have a friend that know so much about MS solutions (he has MS
certificate) and he has asked me if Samba ask about to update the current
forest schema like MS Server ask when a DC with newest version has joint on
existing domain. Is possible to update the forest schema on samba like on
MS Server? Is it necessary and the cause of my failed to join new DC on my

I've use only "./configure", "make" and "make install" to this new DC and
use below command to join this DC on domain

samba-tool domain join smb DC -U"SMB\administrator" --dns-backend=BIND9_DLZ
--option='idmap_ldb:use rfc2307 = yes'

Igor Sousa

Em sáb, 12 de out de 2019 às 11:49, Rowland penny via samba <
samba at lists.samba.org> escreveu:

> On 12/10/2019 15:22, Igor Sousa wrote:
> > Hi Rowland,
> >
> >
> > My domain is a Samba Domain originally. I don't have any Windows DC
> > and I've never had a Windows DC in this domain, only Windows members.
> > My master DC is too old samba version and I've put a new DC with samba
> > 4.10.2 and I've tried to update a secondary DC that had had offline.
> > Then I have demonted it and compile a Samba 4.10.2 and I've tried to
> > join it with the same name and IP address as I've said before.
> >
> > Igor Sousa
> The reason I asked about Windows is because your join fails here:
> INFO 2019-10-11 17:49:04,753 pid:29652
> /usr/local/samba/lib64/python3.6/site-packages/samba/join.py #1160:
> Adding DNS A record GENOS.smb for IPv4 IP:
> We have had a few reports like this recently and they failed on creation
> of the computers dns records because they started out as Windows
> 2000/2003 domains and the dns records were very different.
> What OS are you running ?
> What was the Samba version that you are trying to replace, or to put it
> another way, what Samba version was it when the domain was provisioned ?
> How have you compiled Samba, what was your configure line ?
> Rowland
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