[Samba] dns replication error due to deleted records

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Thu Oct 10 18:56:04 UTC 2019

El 10/10/19 a les 20:41, Rowland penny via samba ha escrit:

>> It turns out that dc2 chokes on "\0ADEL" dns records, supposedly 
>> deleted objects.
> What you have there is known as a tombstone record and Samba has a tool 
> to remove them:
> samba-tool domain tombstones expunge NC 
> --tombstone-lifetime=TOMBSTONE_LIFETIME
> Where 'NC' is the naming context and 'TOMBSTONE_LIFETIME' is the days to 
> keep deleted records for.

Good to know, but why do they trigger the replication problem?

>> I found a "solution" here:
>> https://www.dotnetcatch.com/2018/06/19/samba-replication-failures/
>> The procedure to solve it is not exactly the same but it put me on 
>> the, hopefully, right track. I scripted it since it got tiresome and 
>> it solved the replication problem, for a while, but now it reappeared 
>> (that's the message above).
>> This started on September 25, when I upgraded dc2 from stretch to 
>> buster. A few days later I also upgraded dc1 (it was still running 
>> jessie).
>> I'm using internal dns and the dhcp server talks to dc1 to update the 
>> dns records, that would explain why there are records to replicate but 
>> doesn't explain why samba fails (when it didn't before).
> How is the dhcp server updating the dns records ?

Using this method:


TLDR: it does a "samba-tool dns add" when a host get a lease and 
"samba-tool dns delete" when it releases it or expires.

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