[Samba] smb client v4. against samba server 3.x

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Oct 4 13:47:07 UTC 2019

On 04/10/2019 13:59, Andrea Zagli via samba wrote:
> hi
> i'm using debian sid
Hmm, using experimental software
> samba version 4.11
> today trying to connect to samba server 3.x stopped to work

and yet also using dead software ?

Also when you say 3.x, what is the 'x', from my understanding SMBv2 only 
became experimental with 3.6.0

> i'm quite sure that the problem is the deprecation of smbv1
This is undoubtedly the problem.
> indeed i can mount a share using the option vers=1.0 in mount.cifs
This sort of proves it.
> but i cannot use smbclient to browser the server; i get error on 
> protocol negotiation
> i tried using -m SMB2 and NT1 but without success
> and also nautilus doesn't work (i found on internet that it fixes 
> using "max|min client protocol = SMB2" in smb.conf but not for me)
But this seems to say it isn't

Can you tell us the exact Samba version of '3.x' and post the smb.conf 
of the machine you are trying to connect to.


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