[Samba] Compile samba github code and flash the build binary to embedded device

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Oct 4 08:37:17 UTC 2019

On 02/10/2019 11:03, Hock Leong Ang wrote:
> Hi Rowland and All,
> Can you answer 2 question below?
> 1. Does the host still able to share file to Windows, IOS and Android 
> devices?
> 2. Does 74 kB of samba files is the typical file size be implemented 
> in embedded device?

I am really the wrong person to answer your questions, but I will try to 
my best abilities ;-)

You want to compile Samba for an embedded system, but the problem is 
that, by default, Samba is configured to produce code that will produce 
anything from a standalone server to an AD DC and this will produce a 
large amount of code.

To build for an embedded system, you need to configure Samba to only 
build what you require, as to what this is, or how to do this, I do not 
know, perhaps these threads may help:



The person you probably need to discuss this with is Andrew Bartlett, 
but he is on leave at the moment. You could try posting to the 
samba-technical mailing list and hope that someone picks up this discussion.


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