[Samba] DC and shares separation

Leszek Gubernat leszek.gubernat at mp.pl
Thu Nov 28 15:38:17 UTC 2019

Hi All,
I've got a Samba4.5.15 server which acts both as an DC and a file 
server. I'd like to break the setup into two servers without forcing the 
users to redo their mappings and links which point the DC's name or fqdn.

My idea is to rename the DC (hostname and netbios) and assign its old 
the another server with shares only. Is it possible to do it safely 
without disrupting the domain, kerberos and dns (samba internal dns)? If 
I execute the 'renamedc' provided by Samba will the computers (including 
the ones in a remote routed location) realise that and adjust their 

Are there any other ways to archive the goal?

Currently the domain name is a CNAME to the AD DC fqdn. I don't have any 
BDC at the moment.

Thank you


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