[Samba] Samba4 - Printer Drivers install fails

Julien TEHERY julien.tehery at openevents.fr
Thu Nov 21 14:42:29 UTC 2019


> Did you:
> # net rpc rights grant "SAMDOM\Domain Admins" SePrintOperatorPrivilege -U "SAMDOM\administrator"
> Greetings
> Daniel

Yes of course, as i explained before, I'm allready able tu manage 
printers and upload drivers through MMC to my cups pint server.

Only some drivers fail to install with this (paradoxal) error:

_pre_vista_2] to [x64/3/DriverInstall_Pre_Vista_2]: 
[2019/11/21 15:38:50.695414,  0] 
   _spoolss_AddPrinterDriverEx: move_driver_to_download_area failed - 

As I'm allready able to upload/install x64 drivers, how could I have a 
permission issue?

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