[Samba] "samba-tool backup offline" stuck

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Thu Nov 21 13:58:04 UTC 2019

On 2019-11-13 13:11, Andrea Venturoli wrote:

> I'm open to suggestions...

Some further step...

It's samba-tool itself that locks the file before calling tdbbackup.

Running "samba-tool domain backup offline ..." spawns "tdbbackup -s 
.copy.tdb /var/db/samba4/private/secrets.ldb -r", which gets stuck.

Running "tdbbackup -s .copy.tdb /var/db/samba4/private/secrets.ldb -r" 
by itself completes without issues.

I read in domain_backup.py:

>     # Secrets databases are a special case: a transaction must be started                                                                                                                                                                     
>     # on the secrets.ldb file before backing up that file and secrets.tdb                                                                                                                                                                     
>     def backup_secrets(self, private_dir, lp, logger):
>         secrets_path = os.path.join(private_dir, 'secrets')
>         secrets_obj = Ldb(secrets_path + '.ldb', lp=lp)
>         logger.info('Starting transaction on ' + secrets_path)
>         secrets_obj.transaction_start()
>         self.offline_tdb_copy(secrets_path + '.ldb')
>         self.offline_tdb_copy(secrets_path + '.tdb')
>         secrets_obj.transaction_cancel()

Could the problem be here?
I'm not attempting to alter this, before understanding it fully, though.

  bye & Thanks

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